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CRM solutions / Sales Creatio

Sales Creatio is a cloud CRM that drives efficient sales processes and enables to take control over a complete customer journey - from lead generation to repeat sales. Employ out-of-the-box reference processes to manage the entire sales cycle!


Account and contact management

Create a single database of all accounts and contacts you work with and build a 360-degree view of your customers. Use Sales Creatio to keep record of contact data, addresses with the ability to see them on the map, track connections between accounts, see a list of activities, they're involved in, and more. Know your customers, their buying behavior and preferences to win their trust.




Customer segmentation

Segment customers by various parameters to improve communication and build stronger relationships. Sales Creatio allows building custom segments by industry, revenue, priority or any parameter you choose. Using dynamic segments, which are filled automatically based on the set parameters, you can, for example, filter all the accounts which you have not contacted for one month.

Interactions and communication history

Build relationships with customers based on a complete history of your communication. Sales Creatio keeps track of every interaction with an account or contact, including meetings and calls, contracts, orders and invoices. This enables you to evaluate the progress of your relationships, change your approach to achieve better res.


Data enrichment through social media

Use Sales Creatio pre-built social media integration features to enrich customer profiles with additional data from Facebook and Twitter. Get various customer information from social networks with the click of a mouse.

Customer database analytics

Analyze your customer database and convert the data into actionable insight that will help to identify new opportunities. A thorough analysis enables to see your customer base under different angles and identify the top customers that could fuel your company’s growth. Customize dashboards in Sales Creatio to keep an eye on the key performance indicators.


Enterprise social network

Enterprise social network (ESN) enables employees to better engage, collaborate, and share information. Sign up for updates from different channels, projects, or contacts. ESN allows users in different departments, business units, and geographies to discuss deals and projects, share best practices, get answers to questions, ‘like’ or comment on posts, thus increasing employee engagement and productivity.


Tasks and calendar

Plan your work, tasks and meetings in your calendar within Sales Creatio. Create personal or group tasks linked to contacts, opportunities or documents. Synchronize your tasks and calendar with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange. Get notifications and reminders in a notification panel.



Manage email from all your email boxes in a single unified environment – Sales Creatio. Each email can be linked to the relevant account, opportunity, order or other object. Integration with MS Exchange and Google enable to merge all your email boxes and keep track of the correspondence in Sales Creatio.


All the tools needed to make your call handling more efficient are available in Sales Creatio. Make and receive calls directly in the system, keep a full record of your callers history, track key performance indicators and monitor agents efficiency.

Visual process designer

Automate key business processes using a powerful yet simple visual process designer. Model processes in BPMN using preconfigured elements for creating activities (tasks, calls, and emails), working with pages, processing data, and invoking external services.


Process monitoring and analytics

Keep track of any process execution metrics (duration, average execution time, maximum and minimum values, etc.), using different angles (owners, branches, product lines, etc.). Visualize process data using custom dashboards, identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes with the help of easy-to-use process log.


Lead generation

Sales Creatio has all the right tools for capturing and tracking leads through various sources. Add leads from Web2Lead form of your website or other source. Let Sales Creatio automatically verify the data, create a new contact and guide you through the process of lead management.

Hand-off to sales

Contact a lead to analyze the BANT (budget, authority, need and timing) before creating an opportunity. Capture the history of communication with the lead. If the prospect is sales ready, run the opportunity management process.

Opportunity tracking

Manage all opportunities in Sales Creatio using out-of-the-box business process. Define tactics for each opportunity, identify key decision makers, track competitors, analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Generate sales forecast taking into account client’s budget, opportunity stage and probability.


Develop and submit a proposal

Prepare proposal, calculate the quota and attach corresponding documents linked to the opportunity. Easily approve proposals internally by simply following the steps of the document approval process.

Sales pipeline

Analyze the conversion rate, the health of your pipeline and identify 'bottlenecks' using the sales pipeline. The pipeline visualizes the conversion rate of opportunities as well as the percentage of deals at each stage. You can build and compare a pipeline for each individual employee, a group of employees or the company as a whole.


Document database

Easily manage documents using Sales Creatio. Track documents in the system, specify their type and link them to customers, opportunities, orders, etc. Attach scans and copies of documents, create new documents using the pre-set templates and populate them with data from the system. Save the history of approvals and chronology of activities for each document.


Document approval

Sales Creatio offers automated document approval process. The system will notify the owner when the document is approved. You can also set up a parallel or sequential approval flow, and the rules for approval delegating.


Project management

Leverage Sales Creatio to efficiently manage both internal and external projects. Set project deadlines, manage costs, assign tasks to owners or teams.


Knowledge base

Knowledge base is an online library that stores articles, scripts, guidelines for new employees, document templates, presentations, answers to frequently asked questions, and any other useful materials. The knowledge base takes on features of social networks — users can like posts and share ideas and comments. This helps other users to quickly and easily find the most popular presentation or the most useful answer.


MS Exchange integration

Enjoy seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange to simplify the processes of synchronizing email, contacts, and tasks. You can adjust synchronization frequency (daily, hourly or more frequent) and always have all the relevant data on hand.

Google integration

Synchronize emails, calendar and contacts with your Google account. Two-way integration allows you not to switch between applications to send email or manage your calendar.

Mail integration via IMAP / SMTP

Keep the entire history of electronic communications with the client in Sales Creatio, regardless of the mail provider. Send and receive email without leaving the application.


Integrate Sales Creatio with the landing page on your website with the click of a mouse. Specify the required and optional fields in the landing page, and connect it to the system. Whenever the form is filled in and submitted the information from the landing page is transferred to the CRM system in the online mode and the process is automatically run to start working with a lead.

User customization

Customize Sales Creatio to fit the unique business needs and requirements. Easily rearrange, add and remove lookups, data fields and entire pages. The application provides wizards and designers for objects, pages and processes. Use these tools to change the data views or business logics without programming.

User roles and access rights

In Sales Creatio you can easily manage access rights of users and groups. Grant or deny access to individual records or groups of records, as well as specify which sections are available to certain user roles.


Activity log

The activity log keeps the record of all operations with critical data and allows to quickly retrieve information, or to understand the chronology of events in the system: what was done, by whom and when.