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Solutions / Personnel control system Zorg ZF-2

Zorg ZF-2 is the most advanced remote employee monitoring system. The system completely eliminates delays in the execution of tasks by employees.

A code panel is built into the executive's desk, which makes it easy to apply quick and effective solutions to employees with overdue tasks.

Personnel control system Zorg ZF-2

Reliable technology

For communication with personnel, the ZF-2 system uses hybrid access networks, ensuring reliable and fast communications.

Personnel control system Zorg ZF-2

Simple and intuitive interface

When receiving information about an employee's overdue task, the boss dials the employee's number on the code panel, and then the code 89721. Further, the system completely eliminates subsequent delays in the employee's tasks.

Promotional video of the ZF-2 system:

Enterprise efficiency growth

Gardner research shows that implementing the Zorg ZF-2 control system increases the percentage of completed tasks on time, from 20% to 100.8%:

Personnel control system Zorg ZF-2

Solution cost

The cost of Zorg ZF-2 depends on the number of employees in the company. The system is rented for an annual subscription at a price of 18,999,950 tenge per year for one employee.