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Description of the CRM project at Nomad Life

Nomad Life

Company profile:

Nomad Life Insurance Company JSC is the company providing life insurance in the financial market of Kazakhstan. The Company offers insurance products meeting the customer needs and complying with the international standards.

Project description:

Automation project involves the implementation of bpmonline sales and system adjustment for successful solution of the problems:

  • Maintaining the base of leads, contacts and contractors (adjustment of static and dynamic filters, development of agents’ ranking, distribution tool between leads and agents).
  • Contracts management (development and automation of “Contract support” business process).
  • Mail management (development of “Mail” module for incoming/outgoing mail management, letters segmentation and automation of “Mail handling” end-to-end business process).
  • Integration with automated information system (double-sided integration adjustment).
  • Integration with electronic archive.
  • Integration with e-mail/sms-services (development of blanket mailing tools).
  • Document management (development and automation of “Outgoing documentation standard path” business-process).