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JSC "ForteBank" has implemented a speech analytics system


About the bank:

ForteBank JSC has been successfully operating in the banking services market for over 20 years, being one of the leading Kazakh banks. ForteBank has an extensive branch network of 20 branches and about 100 branches.

Description of the project:

ForteBank JSC in April 2020 implemented a speech analytics system and automatic assessment of the quality of operators' work in the contact center. This allowed the bank to bring the work control process to a new level in all of its contact centers: incoming line, telemarketing, and soft collection. Currently, the system automatically processes 100% of the bank's calls, which makes it possible to provide:

  • improving the quality of customer service;
  • identifying best customer service practices;
  • script standardization;
  • CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) improvement;
  • increase in sales on the incoming line;
  • increasing the collection rate of Soft Collection.

The solution consists of the following subsystems:

  • registration subsystem, including recording, registration and storage of telephone conversations;
  • quality management subsystem, including manual and automatic quality assessment;
  • analytics subsystem, including speech analytics;
  • administration subsystem.

The system automatically recognizes natural human speech - speech in Kazakh, Russian, mixed Russian-Kazakh, with minimal recognition reliability:

  • for Kazakh language at least 80%;
  • for Russian at least 80%;
  • for mixed Russian-Kazakh speech at least 75%.

Also, the system assesses various parameters of the dialogue (quantitative-temporal, lexical, emotional) according to pre-prepared assessment templates and without human participation. Analysis results are presented in a convenient, intuitive way.

The successful implementation of the project was carried out by the bank jointly with the companies Sanatel LLP (Kazakhstan) and CRT LLC (Center of Speech Technologies, St. Petersburg, Russia).

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