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Description of the CRM project at Encourage Company

Encourage Company

Company profile:

Encourage Company, a Kazakhstan consulting company, has worked in the consulting and training service market since 2008. The company’s strategy is based on the use of innovations and an expert approach aimed at achieving results by both Encourage Company and its partners. The company’s results are not only financial performance, but also other equally important results: knowledge and experience gained by the company’s specialists over years of successful work, team-oriented and like-minded employees, trust of numerous partners and respect of colleagues.

The company has developed a portfolio of concepts and programs in the following areas: Negotiations, Sales and Sales Management, Administration, Servicing, Personal Performance Skills, as well as new formats, such as Business Simulation and Open Space. The company’s specialists develop a customized solution for each client to enable them achieve success in their activities.

Project description:

The automation project has been implemented by Program Technologies LLC, a Terrasoft partner in Samara, in cooperation with Sanatel Consulting.

A specific feature of the project is that all Encourage Company employees work with MacOS, which is not compatible with all systems. The Terrasoft application has been deployed on the Windows Server terminal access server. Thus, the client can work in a familiar operating system through the server using all available Terrasoft XRM functions.

The project’s objective was to improve the company’s performance by automating the transaction management process and to provide automatic bonus accounting. The project’s main mission was to manage sales from first contact to a project. For this purpose, our specialists organized a common information space from all the existing bases, where the full history of relations with each customer is saved.

The system automatically tracks the status of current transactions, analyzes information on closed transactions and assesses the profitability of sales. The transaction stage changes automatically depending on the completed tasks, making it possible to see sales trends in real time and relieves managers from routine reporting. The project also allows for complex transactions including several projects.

The system for calculating bonuses of managers and consultants, with consideration of the number of transactions concluded, trainings conducted and consultant business, has been automated. According to Olga Beganskaya, an Encourage Company consultant, it is now more convenient foremployees to plan their working hours, since they see the list of tasks for the day.

After Terrasoft XRM had been implemented, the company harmonized its client relations. The product supplied by Encourage Company to the client is multilevel: in addition to events and trainings, feedback and post-training support for participants have been organized. The system now reminds managers automatically when a new service should be offered to the client, what the client may need at a certain time, and what the work result is. Entry to the client’s information field when the project manager is changed or a new employee is hired has been simplified, which helps avoid work interruptions.

Implementation has resulted in the establishment of order in managers’ work, prevention of data loss, and well coordinated work of all managers involved in large projects.