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Description of the CRM project at UconTay

Company profile:

The company has worked on the souvenir product market since 2008 and offers more than 20,000 business souvenirs, excellent product quality and quick delivery.

Project description:

The main task of the CRM project was to form and automate business processes from the start of client relations to closing a transaction. The Terrasoft CRM 3.X system was selected considering the company’s needs and implementation purposes.

The company’s sales process has been automated through automation of routine operations. A manager’s work logic has been standardized at any stage of client relations:

  • Identifying influencers/decision-makers. Tracking the number of identified contact persons. The ability to review further actions the user has taken with respect to this client.
  • First call. The process of getting acquainted with the client and setting up a “warm” contact facilitating the client’s involvement in the next stages, including a transaction.
  • Meeting/presentation for the client. The process of recording a meeting with the client and a detailed description of the negotiation results.
  • Creating a commercial proposal. An algorithm for preparing a commercial proposal based on the client’s needs with consideration of all wishes.
  • Protecting the commercial proposal. The process of agreeing the created commercial proposal.
  • Preparing a contract and invoicing. Automation of the manager's actions for contract preparation (creating a client contract, agreeing terms and conditions, etc.), invoicing, and an invoice payment check algorithm.
  • Preparing an order. The process is designed to automate actions for creating layouts and monitoring order preparation at the production site.
  • Delivery. An algorithm for preparing and endorsing all accompanying documents to ship the client’s goods. A feedback process with the possibility of further relations.
  • Reclamation, which increases client loyalty by recording claims/incidents with a detailed description of the problem solution. The manager may use the history of incidents as an auxiliary tool to settle new or repeated claims.
  • If a client, for any reasons, does not consent to a transaction, but does not refuse further cooperation, the user may apply the Client Is Thinking, process to close the sale with the client.

Implementation of CRM will enable UconTay to track and monitor the work done at each stage of client interaction and to follow up on the managers’ performance.