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Description of the CRM project at Bacchus JSC


Company profile:

Bacchus Joint Stock Company is one of the oldest wineries and a manufacturer alcoholic, low-alcohol and alcohol-free products on Kazakhstan’s market.

Project description:

The project was implemented by Sanatel Consulting. After implementing Terrasoft Sales, Bacchus JSC uses CRM to work with regional dealers. Bacchus JSC regional representatives in all cities import monthly sales data of their dealers with a Product Item / Sales in Bottles breakdown into the system. The Terrasoft Sales standard pricelist system is also used, and the price valid at the time of sale is taken into account when the total sales are calculated.

Bacchus JSC management now has the ability to find interesting sales data and immediately make summary sales reports for any Contractor / Product / Period breakdown.

For example:

  • All dealers for January.
  • Two dealers for a quarter.
  • The Wine group for a quarter.
  • The Champagne Collection product for all dealers for a quarter.
  • etc.