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Service Desk solutions / Service Enterprise

With its comprehensive range of process design, automation and analysis tools, Service Enterprise helps to increase the effectiveness of implementing ITIL recommendations, tailored to individual business requirements and organizational structure.


Visual process designer

Automate key business processes using a powerful yet simple visual process designer. Model processes in BPMN using preconfigured elements for creating activities (tasks, calls, and emails), working with pages, processing data, and invoking external services.


Out-of-the-box ITSM processes

Take advantage of ITIL recommendations and process-driven ITSM approach to streamline services management and delivery. Pre-packaged best practice processes help to simplify daily routine and increase service efficiency – your service agents just need to follow clear guidelines for each step of the process.

Process library

Automate any customer service processes – from case management to problem resolution. Best practice processes are already built in the system, but they also can be easily modified to fit any specific service model.

Process monitoring and analytics

Keep track of any process metrics (duration, average time of running, maximum and minimum values, etc.) and view them from different angles (agents, support lines, services, etc.). Visualize data using dashboards, identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes with the help of process log.


Account and contact management

Keep all customer data in one place. Access a complete customer profile in the Service Creatio, including contact data, social profiles, history of interactions, cases submitted. Having a 360-degree customer view will help you build service strategy and improve your service delivery.




Service history

Build relationships with customers based on a complete service history. Service Creatio keeps track of every interaction with the client, including tasks, calls and messages, cases submitted and resolved, services used and service level agreements.


Customer database analytics

Analyze your customer database to make data-driven decision in the continual service improvement process. Analyze customer base from different angles to quickly respond to changing customer needs. For example, identify services used by the greatest number of customers or customers who submit the greatest number of cases. Customize dashboards in the Service Creatio to always keep an eye on the key performance indicators.


Communication panel

Use Creatio’s communication panel to make calls and receive messages directly in the system. When handling a call Service Creatio automatically displays the customer profile so you can instantly access critical data and provide more personalized service. The system also allows setting up the Quick Dial panel.


Manage messages from multiple email boxes in a single unified environment – Service Creatio. Each email can be linked to the relevant account, case, service agreement or other object. Integration with MS Exchange and Google enables you to merge all your email boxes and keep track of the correspondence in Service Creatio.


All the tools needed to handle calls more efficiently are available in Service Creatio. Make and receive calls directly in the system, keep complete call history, and monitor the quality of work of your service agents.

Customer Portal

Make the case resolution process transparent to your customers through Customer Portal. It allows customers to manage their user accounts and profiles, and track progress of their case resolution. They can also quickly find relevant articles in the knowledge base to resolve cases without agents’ assistance, which will reduce the load on the Service Desk.

Enterprise Social Network

Enterprise social network (ESN) enables employees to better engage, collaborate, and share information. Sign up for updates from different channels, projects, or contacts. ESN allows users in different departments, business units, and geographies to discuss cases and problems, share best practices, get answers to questions, ‘like’ or comment on posts, thus increasing employee engagement and productivity.


Agent home

Manage your daily tasks more effectively using the pre-configured single window interface. The Agent Home allows agents to easily manage case queues, make multiuser communications, share the information via ESN and monitor their own performance in a single window.

Queue management

Control and manage inbound and outbound communications easily with Creatio Service engagement center. Use the queue configuration tool to plan activities regarding cases, set queue parameters, define priorities and assign agents.

Unified service catalogue

Regardless of the complexity of your IT infrastructure and the size of your Service Desk, be certain you can store all services in a single unified environment of Service Creatio. A complete and up to date service catalogue will help you to regulate service processes and offer your customers subscriptions to different services.

New service design

Use the pre-built specifications to design new services in the catalogue. You can manage the technical characteristics and timeframes, appoint Service Desk engineers by their skills to handle appropriate cases, link configuration items and service agreements.

New service operations

Ensure quick launch of new service operations by simply adding them to the service packages of relevant service levels. Connect new services to valid service contracts and publish them on Customer portal.

Service agreements database

Register in Creatio all types of service agreements needed to service your customers according to different service levels. You can formalize the terms of cooperation with both, customers (SLA) and Service Desk units (OLA).

Service agreement activation

Define all the necessary service parameters while activating new service agreement. You can also set up a calendar and indicate actual duration of the agreement. The system allows the defining of key service objects and services. In order to organize the work with external service providers (UC) the user can simply fill in information about a provider.

Configuration management database (CMDB)

Run a single database of all company’s configuration items (CI) and service assets. Service Creatio helps to keep records on hardware, software, licenses, network components and documentation necessary for the seamless service provision.

Configuration items registration

Create a single list of all CIs including detailed information about each item. In Service Creatio you can register inventory number, category and type, define model and indicate technical characteristics, run a list of colleagues and customers that use this particular CI. The system can also configure dependencies on other configuration items and a list of components.

Incidents and service requests

Register all customer cases in Service Creatio. Arrange cases by categories: incidents, service requests, advisory services. The system allows the assigning of agents or groups of agents, regulation of resolution timeframes and management of communications.

Service Desk organizational structure

Take advantage of the best practice model for the Service Desk organizational structure in Service Creatio. You can easily manage roles, define functions and authorities. Use pre-configured workplaces to improve agents’ productivity and facilitate their daily activities.

Out-of-the-box process for incident management

Manage incidents using a pre-built best practice business process. The out-of-the-box process is fully compatible with ITIL recommendations and contains the right sequence of actions to help Service Desk agents resolve incidents most timely and with maximum efficiency. On each step of the process the system helps to control deadlines, prompts important notifications and useful tips.

Incident detection and registration

Set up a Service Desk email address and register incidents automatically from incoming emails. Tools for quick filing of key information about a customer and incident details makes it easier to provide timely and accurate service.

Classification and categorization

Classify incidents by following the pre-configured best practice process. On the categorization stage an incident falls into the general pool of new cases. The priority of the case is defined taking into consideration urgency and impact level, service agreement, service and connected CIs.

Searching for similar incidents

Use system data to draw conclusions as to whether the incident was a recurring mass phenomenon. A service agent can also search for similar incidents, registered problems or documented known errors.

Incident resolution

Run incident diagnostics, formalize resolution and provide information to customers. If needed, you can escalate the incident to a higher support line or supervisor.

Incident closure

Complete incident resolution process by formalizing its results. Service Creatio automatically sends a request for customer feedback in order to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction and service quality.

Problems and known errors

Store all identified problems in the infrastructure and service processes in Service Creatio. The system helps preventing recurring mass incidents and proactively informs customers about known errors.

Knowledge base

Combine knowledge about all services, CIs and known errors in a unified knowledge base in Service Creatio. By using knowledge base articles, you will be able to close cases in the most timely manner and efficiently train Service Desk agents.

Knowledge audit

Constantly audit your knowledge base and update its articles. The system’s features allow you to define the most popular articles, as well as rate and comment on records.

Change requests

Plan all changes in Service Creatio in order to eliminate known errors in the infrastructure and improve overall quality of IT services. The system allows you to keep a single list of change requests, manage priorities and supervise quality.


Change management process

Initiate, plan and implement changes with maximum efficiency by following the step-by-step pre-configured process for change management. The process contains ITIL best practices and helps to eliminate known errors quickly and efficiently, as well as improve IT service continuity and availability.


Take control and ensure implementation of planned changes. Track factual workload, estimate quality of interim results, deadlines, potential risks and possible deviations from the plan.


Store a complete information about planned and implemented releases in Service Creatio. The system helps to keep track of workloads, teams and deadlines associated with a release. You can specify the list of changes that should be included into a particular release and ensure their successful implementation.


Release history

Manage history of releases with Service Creatio. The system allows for the gathering of data on all changes and problems identified in the course of implementation, as well as tracking the history of a;; completed activities.

Data import to and from Excel

Employ a built-in utility for data migration to and from Excel to quickly import or export your accounts and contacts data, which can include information about both, customers and staff.

MS Exchange integration

Enjoy seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange to simplify the procedure of synchronizing email, contacts, and tasks. Adjust the frequency of synchronization (daily, hourly or more frequent) and always have all the relevant data on hand.

Google integration

Take advantage of a two-way integration with your Google account and synchronize emails, calendar and contacts. There is no more need for switching between applications to send email or manage your calendar.

Mail integration via IMAP / SMTP

Keep the entire history of electronic communications with the customer in Creatio service, regardless of the mail provider. Send and receive email without leaving the application.

Interface customization

Customize personal system interface. Use interface designer to indicate the sections available to certain user roles. You can also customize your system interface by adding company logo and changing colors to match your corporate style.

User customization

Customize Service Creatio taking into account the unique business needs and requirements. Easily rearrange, add and remove lookups, data fields and entire pages. The solution provides wizards and designers for objects, pages and processes. Use these features to change the data views or business logics without programming.

Mobile app customization

Make your mobile app display only useful information. Using the mobile app wizard of Service Creatio the administrator can add or hide sections, as well as customize the mobile app interface.

User roles and access rights

Easily manage access rights for users and groups in Service Creatio. Grant or deny access to individual records or groups of records, and specify which sections are available to certain user roles.


LDAP integration

Use Active Directory credentials to access the Creatio service. You do not need to remember different usernames and passwords, and the system administrator does not need to manually add new employees’ profiles to access the system.

Activity log

The activity log keeps the record of all critical data for the operations and allows to quickly retrieve information, or to understand the chronology of events in the system: what was done, by whom and when.